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Zoom Audio

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Updated 10/23/2023

Once your Zoom meeting is connected, make sure the microphone and the speaker are both set to “Echo Canceling Speakerphone” in the Zoom settings.

Select a Microphone

Go to Audio Settings and look for the following:

  • Uncheck the “Automatically adjust microphone volume” box.
  • Change “Suppress background noise” from Auto to Low.
  • Click on the “Advanced” button, change “Signal processing” from Auto to Off.

Audio SettingsAudio Settings Off Windows Selected

Zoom Video

Before you make a change in Zoom, check to see if the document camera is turned on. Using the touch screen panel on the Smart Station desk, go to “Camera Controls” on the left-hand side to switch between Camera 1 (instructor), Camera 2 (students), and Doc Cam.

Camera Controls for Zoom meeting

In the Zoom video settings:

  • Select “HD.”
  • Make sure “Mirror my video” is unchecked.

Mirror my VideoIf you are the campus receiving the Zoom meeting, check all the audio and video settings and make sure your camera is set to “Camera 2” on the Smart Station touch screen.

Camera 2 on the smart station  In Zoom, pin the host so their image is the largest on the screen.

Host Image enter your pin

Sharing a Video From the Computer:

Once you select the green “Share Screen” button, a new window will open up with all of the computer’s active sources.

Make sure to select the checkboxes for “Share sound” and “Optimize for video clip” before choosing the source to play a video. This will help with the video’s playback quality during the Zoom call.

Share Screen

Focus Mode for Recording:

If you are recording a Zoom meeting, enabling “Focus Mode” will help capture only what you are sending on your screen. This setting will need to be enabled in your Zoom user account before you start a Zoom meeting.

After signing in to your account, go to “Settings” than “Meeting.”

Settings MeetingClick on “In Meeting (Advanced)” and turn on “Focus Mode.” This setting will be saved in your account for future use.

In meeting (Advanced)

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