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Smart Station Control Panel - Projector:

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Updated: 8/20/2021

  • Press and hold the power “ON” button until you hear a click sound. This indicates the command is completed.
  • The projector icon on the control panel will flash during the warm up cycle for the projector. Please wait a few minutes for the projector to warm up.
  • Some classrooms have automatic projector screens that will respond to on/off commands. Other rooms have pull down screens.
  • You also have manual “Screen” control buttons below the “Audio” buttons on the control panel.
  • At the end of use, press and hold the power “OFF” button until you hear a click sound. This means the command is completed.
  • If the classroom has a DVD player installed, the right side buttons on the control panel will act as a remote control for the player when “DVD” is chosen on the control panel.
  • The bottom row of buttons have “AUDIO” and “MUTE” buttons that will allow you to play audio without turning on the projector.
  • Push the “AUDIO” button to have sound and volume control from the device you have chosen. 
  • Push the “MUTE” button and the sound will turn off.   
  • When connecting a Laptop Computer with VGA, select the “Laptop” source button on the control panel.
  • When connecting a Laptop Computer with HDMI, select the “HDMI” source button on the control panel.

Quomo Control Panel

Qomo Document Camera:

  • Select options on top/front of unit or remote
    • Please use remote or buttons on unit to operate the camera. 
      *Manual operation can damage the Camera Head
    • Use Scroll to move image up/down
    • Use the Lamp button to toggle between the light settings
    • Adjust Bright+- button to improve picture quality
    • Use Auto Focus  button to focus the camera
    • Use Zoom+- buttons to enlarge/shrink images
    • Turn the image by selecting ROTATE button

Quomo Power, Remote and Document Camera

Please remember to turn OFF the Projector and Document Camera when you are finished with your class.

Instructions can be found on the Information Technology Services web page.

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