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Gulf Franklin Center - Modular Pilot Desk Instructions

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Updated: 2/3/2022

  • To start using the Smart Board (86” display) please press the “Power” button on the display to turn it “On”
  • Please DO NOT TOUCH the Receiver which is located on top of the Smart Board
  • Once the smart panel is turned on proceed to the Pilot Desk instructions below

Pilot Desk Receiver

Pilot Desk Receiver

Pilot Receiver Located Here "Please do not touch"

Pilot Desk Receiver Monitor"Power" button located on bottom of Smart Board

Pilot Desk Computer Diagram:

Pilot Desk Computer Diagram

  • Make sure the Pilot Desk computer is on. In case you need to turn it on or restart, the “Power”button is located on the right side of the Pilot desk
  • The computer has a touch screen and pullout keyboard with track pad
  • To start using Document Camera please open “HoverCam Flex 11” software on the computer
  • You can add notes on screen and take a video from the document camera and from other inputs
  • You can connect an Apple device (iPhone or iPad, might need to take out of case while using)via “Lighting Port” on the desk. When the device is connected, please use the “HDMI Viewer”software on the computer and choose the source on the Pilot desk
  • To connect a Laptop please use HDMI cable (provided)
  • Connect to HDMI port on “Pilot desk” (there are two “HDMI” ports on right side of the desk), start“HDMI Viewer” software)

*Please plug the pilot desk power cord in to a power outlet at the end of class so,the battery can recharge for the next class

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