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Interns In the Spotlight

Alex, Digital Media

Alex Furnells

“Pursuing an internship has been one of the most important decisions I’ve had to make in my academic career. Years of my education have been centered around the classroom and the assignments that kept me going from day to day and week to week. Could sitting at a computer for hours on end really be so rewarding? I’m happy to report that it is, in fact, much more rewarding than I could have imagined. My internship at Kerigan Marketing Associates, has finally put me in a role that matters among a team of professionals with incredible skill and experience. I feel that my abilities matter here and I’m learning more with every workday. Developing and maintaining websites continues to be a noble service that continues to make a difference in this digital age. I’m looking forward to being able to do my part and achieving goals alongside my colleagues.” – Alex Furnells

“We really appreciate Alex being here and so engaged in his internship. We look forward to seeing him progress and continuing to increase his skills. Alex’ attitude is exemplary and, as a business owner, it means everything to have a cohesive team.”

– Dana Kerigan, President, Kerigan Marketing Associates

Courtney, BAS Organizational Management

Courtney Morris

As a current student in the BAS Organizational Management program offered at GCSC I decided to further my education and get hands-on experience through an internship opportunity. Your Accountant My Accountant, LLC has given me practical experience and equipped me in more ways then I imagined. Understanding the importance of business finance and accurate bookkeeping is extremely important. The Your Accountant My Accountant, LLC team has allowed me to work with multiple businesses where I am able to work on both business finances as well as organization within a business. The employees are experienced, informative, and kindhearted and I am grateful for this opportunity with them." --Courtney Morris

“Courtney came to YAMA at just the right time.  She has “jumped in with both feet” so to say – into what many would call challenging circumstances.  Courtney has been willing to learn skills both in her field of Accounting and also in office organization and management.  She possesses our “can- do” attitude - whatever it takes to help our clients’ small business succeed, and has been an important part of our team as an intern.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity to invest in Courtney’s future – she is truly worthy.” --  Cynthia Samuels Venkler, Founder and CEO, Your Accountant My Accountant, LLC

Royce, Software & Database Intern

Royce Duncan

"Nothing can teach you more than working in the field first hand. I have nearly completed my AS-Software and Database Development Degree and while my classes at GCSC have been wonderfully educational my internship at Jellyfish Health has equipped me in more ways than I could have initially anticipated. The employees here are experienced, resourceful, and enlightening and I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that this internship has given me." -- Royce Duncan

“Royce started interning at Jellyfish Health when we were nearing the end of a major release. This came at a disadvantage for Royce because we weren't able to allot him the amount of time we usually provide new employees. Fortunately for us, he was well prepared from his time at GCSC, so we were able to utilize his internship fairly quickly. He has consistently shown with his adaptability and knowledge of fundamentals that his education has provided a solid foundation for a successful career in the industry." -- Sam Rodriquez, Software Engineer

Alex, Digital Media Intern

Alex Christodoulou

“I’m currently studying to earn a General Associates, with a focus in digital media. I accepted a marketing internship at Harley Davidson PCB where I am filming and editing videos, photos, and assisting in the scheduling of events. I am learning to use powerful editing software, as well as coming up with cool production ideas to energize Harley's image.  I love creating cool and engaging content, but at the core I have a passion for motorcycles, so being involved in this awesome company is beyond exciting for me.”  -- Alex Christodoulou

“Our intern, Alex, is an asset to Panama City Beach Harley-Davidson. His digital and social media skills are as impressive as the great attitude and enthusiasm he brings to our team.  He is receptive to training and has an engaging way of bringing his ideas to the table.  Although he is currently undecided on a major, as a result of his experience here,  Alex is leaning toward a Digital Media Production degree.  We are delighted to be the first step toward any educational marker on his way to a fulfilling career." Kandi Gardiner Montalvo, MSc., Executive Operations & Training, Harley-Davidson of Tampa, Brandon, New Port Richey, Panama City Beach and Tallahassee.

UPDATE:  "Alex has demonstrated his talent and skill in the areas of digital media design and application. He is creative and innovative in his approach to generating interest within our target demographic. He has exceeded our expectations. His skill level was impressive, however it is the energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude he puts into his assignments that has moved us to offer him a permanent position with Harley-Davidson Florida. It has been a pleasure to work with Alex as an intern and we look forward to welcoming him onboard the HR Florida Team!"-- Kandi Gardiner Monalvo, Exec. Ops & Training

Robert, Web Intern

Robert Crites
"I chose to seek out an internship at Kerigan Marketing due to the quality of their work and the name they've built as a local company. Though I've learned a lot through school and on my own, being in a situation where I'm working with an experienced team to make real, meaningful content has helped me progress more than I thought possible in a short amount of time.” --Robert Crites

Sydney, Design Intern

Sydney Burns
"I chose to pursue an internship because I wanted to challenge myself and make a good investment in my future. Kerigan offered me a unique hybrid position in which I’m able to exercise creativity and strengthen skills related to my passion, design, as well as take on exciting, new challenges in the world of social media marketing. Opportunities like this are rare in the area. I'm grateful to learn and problem solve daily and contribute to such a successful team.” -- Sydney Burns

Logan, Application Development Intern

Logan Lee

"I'm a BAS-Technology Management major interning with Dr. Works in the Advanced Technology Center. My routine consists of application development for mobile devices which involve: coding, designing, documenting, and conducting research - which is an ongoing process through the project's life cycle.  From this work experience I've gained skills in problem-solving, communication, decision-making, adaptability and time management. My assigned tasks became progressively more challenging and interesting over time and eventually led to the mobile application I'm working on now. It's been a great learning experience from the very start." --Logan Lee

"Logan presented his findings via a presentation of his undergraduate research posted entitled:  "B-SPOTTED: ANTI-BULLYING TECH SOLUTION". This college level event "Invention Convention" was held at GCSC in April, 2018. As a result of Logan's work, he won second place and $300!"

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