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Participate in the Arts. Engage in Productive Dialogue. Lay the Foundation for a Rewarding Career.

The arts and communication—literature, music, theater, journalism, and beyond—are integral to our everyday lives, not only in the stories that inspire and entertain us but also in our work.

Gulf Coast State College’s Humanities, Arts, Design, & Communication degree pathway helps you build the skills that contribute to a fruitful career, skills the humanities naturally foster: problem-solving, critical thinking, the ability to participate in constructive discussions, open-mindedness, and logic.

If you appreciate the arts and are interested in higher education in English, music, design, theater, advertising, or communication studies, explore the programs in this pathway. Whether you’re starting out and want college credit or you’re ready for a full bachelor’s degree in art and design or communication studies, this degree pathway can help you go where you want to be.

MEET YOUR Humanities, Arts, Design, & communication PATHWAY NAVIGATOR

Going to college is a big decision, and choosing a major or program of study can feel like an even bigger one. That’s why we’ve built personalized advising into every step—from our seven guided degree pathways to continued support you can depend on once you’ve chosen your program.

To help you find the degree in art, design, communication studies, or the humanities that works for you, we provide you with a dedicated Pathway Navigator. The Pathway Navigator is here to help you find your way around GCSC and is experienced in the arts, humanities, communication, and design fields. They’ll guide you through the humanities, art, and design majors, associate’s degrees, and certificates available at GCSC, the highlights of each program, and the career possibilities they open up for you. The Pathway Navigator will also help you identify related or alternate pathways if you discover your degree pathway isn’t for you.

Your Pathway Navigator for Humanities, Arts, Design, & Communication is:

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Cindy Penny

Pathway Navigator

Location:  SUE Room 205

Current & Returning Students:

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**If there are no appointments available, please stop by the Navigation Center Student Union East Room 221.


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How the Humanities, Arts, Design, & communication Pathway works for you

Explore your options in humanities, communication studies, or art and design studies.

Discover courses and programs in history, liberal arts, philosophy, visual arts, music, theater, and related concentrations. Or explore your options in communication, advertising, and media. Talk with your Pathway Navigator and a career coach about your interests, strengths, and career aspirations.

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Choose your path—a certificate, college credits, or an associate’s degree in journalism or something else.

Once you know your options within the humanities, arts, design, & communication studies, you can narrow your focus: choose an associate’s in arts degree, certificate program, or continuing education. Maybe you’re interested in theater certificate programs that will train you to become a theater technician or work with entertainment technology. Maybe you want to earn an associate’s in arts degree that helps you refine your drawing or design skills—or perhaps you want to go on to earn a degree in art and design at another institution. Regardless of your goal, each of our art and design majors and certificates is designed to help you reach whatever destination is right for you—transferable credit, skills for a current job, or preparation for a career.

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Stay the course.

As you move through the art and design studies degree pathway, work with a Pathway Navigator, student advisor, or career coach to help ensure your success in your program. At Gulf Coast, your success is central to our mission, meaning you can take advantage of numerous helpful resources throughout your entire time here. Whether you need academic support, financial aid, or career advising, you’ll find it at GCSC.

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Achieve success.

Your success doesn’t end with completing this degree pathway. From here, you can go on to countless other places: another institution, the workplace, or even to study abroad. Students who were humanities, arts, design, & communication majors at GCSC are now studying at the University of Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Central Florida. Our graduates have also gone on to enjoy careers in music, theater, and visual arts.

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Programs in this pathway are supported by:

Humanities, Arts, Design, & communication Majors, Certificates, and Degrees

This degree pathway encompasses art and design majors, from audio technology to foreign language. It also includes associate’s degrees in communication, English, and advertising. We are proud to offer a wide range of programs, including associate’s in arts degrees, art, stage technology, and theater certificate programs, as well as continuing education in related concentrations. If your strengths or interests lie in journalism, media, visual or performing arts, humanities, or language, this degree pathway is for you.

Pathway Degree Programs

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