2022-2023 Dental Hygiene, A.S.

Dental Hygiene, A.S.

Communications Area CH
•+*ENC1101, English I 3
Humanities Area 3
*See General Education Core Requirement
Mathematics Area 3
*See General Education Core Requirement
Natural Sciences Area
Biological Science •+*BSC2085, Anatomy and Physiology I 3
Social Sciences Area
Behavioral Sciences •*PSY2012, Psychology 3
Government/History •*@POS2041, American National Government or •*@AMH2020, United States History II and demonstrate Civic Literacy Competency 3
Major Courses
•*SYG2000, Sociology 3
+*BSC2085L, Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1
+*BSC2086, Anatomy and Physiology II 3
+*BSC2086L, Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1
+*MCB2004, Microbiology 3
+*MCB2004L, Microbiology Lab 1
*HUN1201, Principles of Nutrition 3
*SPC1608, Introduction to Public Speaking 3
+*#DES1000, Dental Anatomy 2
+*#DES1010, Head and Neck Anatomy 2
+*#DES1100C, Dental Materials 3
+*#DES1200, Dental Radiology I 2
+*#DES1200L, Dental Radiology I Lab 1
+*#DES1201, Dental Radiology II 1
+*#DES1201L, Dental Radiology II Lab 1
+*#DES1832, Expanded Functions 1
+*#DES1832L, Expanded Functions Lab 1
+*#DEH1002, Fundamentals of Dental Hygiene 3
+*#DEH1002L, Dental Hygiene Pre-Clinical Procedures 3
+*#DEH1130, Oral Histology and Embryology 2
+*#DEH1400, Oral Pathology 2
+*#DEH1800, Dental Hygiene I 2
+*#DEH1800L, Dental Hygiene Clinical I 4
+*#DEH1802, Dental Hygiene II 1
+*#DEH1802L, Dental Hygiene Clinical II 2
*#DEH2300, Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist 2
+*#DEH2602, Periodontology 2
+*#DEH2702, Community Dental Health 2
+*#DEH2702L, Community Dental Health Lab 1
+*#DEH2804, Dental Hygiene III 2
+*#DEH2804L, Dental Hygiene Clinical III 4
+*#DEH2806, Dental Hygiene IV 2
+*#DEH2806L, Dental Hygiene Clinical IV 4


• General Education Core.

+ Prerequisites and/or corequisites required. See course descriptions.

# Applies only to A.S. degree and certificate programs.

= PSAV course.

* Minimum grade of "C" required.

@Civic Literacy.

Health Sciences and Nursing

The Health Sciences and Nursing Divisions at Gulf Coast State College, have over 600 students enrolled in health-related programs.  The George G. Tapper Health Sciences Building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, and a live patient dental clinic to enhance the learning process.

All Instructors are licensed and/or certified practitioners who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your chosen career field. Reach out to the program contact in your area with questions or concerns.

Health Sciences and Nursing Divisions Website

Health Sciences and Nursing Faculty

Health Sciences

Dental Assisting
Laurie Womble

Dental Hygiene
Miranda Stewart

Physical Therapist Assistant
Dr. Melinda Cumbaa

Lacy Newson

Respiratory Care
Jennifer Barber

Janice Skipper
850-769-1551 ext. 3390

Surgical Services
Shannon Smith

Division Chair
Laura Justice, CDA, RDH, MSED


Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant
Debbie Brzuska

Registered Nursing and AA
Dr. Martha Ruder

Dr. Randy Chitwood

Division Chair
Dr. Keri Matheus

Health Sciences Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Kimberly Awls Assistant Professor (850) 747-3248 ext. 3248 kawls@gulfcoast.edu
Jennifer Barber Assistant Professor (850) 872-3837 ext. 3837 jbarber@gulfcoast.edu
Deborah Brzuska Professor (850) 913-3317 ext. 3317 dbrzuska@gulfcoast.edu
Vicki Bynum Instructor (850) 873-3591 ext. 3591 vbynum@gulfcoast.edu
Randall Chitwood Professor (850) 913-3262 ext. 3262 rchitwood@gulfcoast.edu
Melinda Cumbaa Professor (850) 913-3312 ext. 3312 mcumbaa@gulfcoast.edu
Sabrina Elliott Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5888 selliott7@gulfcoast.edu
Nancy Gibson Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5841 ngibson2@gulfcoast.edu
Melissa Hobbs Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5521 mhobbs2@gulfcoast.edu
Laura Justice Professor (850) 872-3828 ext. 3828 ljustice@gulfcoast.edu
Christine Katzberger Assistant Professor ext. ckatzberg@gulfcoast.edu
Rebecca Kelly Assistant Professor (850) 769--1551 ext. -1551 rkelly@gulfcoast.edu
Denise Kenny Assistant Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 3238 dkenny1@gulfcoast.edu
Jerrie Kirksey Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5833 jkirksey@gulfcoast.edu
Ada Kutina Assistant Professor ext. akutina@gulfcoast.edu
Lacy Newsom Assistant Professor (850) 913-3318 ext. 3318 lnewsom@gulfcoast.edu
Megan Olson Assistant Professor ext. molson4@gulfcoast.edu
Adam Padgett Instructor ext. apadgett@gulfcoast.edu
Brittany Page Instructor ext. bpage2@gulfcoast.edu
Theresa Porter Instructor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5835 tporter1@gulfcoast.edu
Martha Ruder Professor (850) 913-3314 ext. 3314 mruder@gulfcoast.edu
Janice Skipper Instructor (850) 769-1551 ext. 3390 jskippe10@gulfcoast.edu
Shannon Smith Instructor ext. ssmith@gulfcoast.edu
Kimberly Snow Assistant Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5817 ksnow1@gulfcoast.edu
Emily Speakman Instructor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5846 espeakma1@gulfcoast.edu
Miranda Stewart Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 3244 mstewart@gulfcoast.edu
Carol Strasburger-Miller Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 3360 cmiller@gulfcoast.edu
Shelly Thornton Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5834 sthornto3@gulfcoast.edu
Elyse Wallace (850) 769-1551 ext. 5597 ewallace6@gulfcoast.edu
Lauriann Womble Assistant Professor (850) 747-3217 ext. 3217 lwomble@gulfcoast.edu


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